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Yojoa Day Camps is founded by Colm Spracklen and Kaysha Howett who are both passionate about enabling young people to thrive and benefit from the positive experiences that our summer camp offers.

Combined we have over 12 years of experience working at camps in Scotland, Spain and USA alongside 8 years of teaching English as a Foreign Language in Honduras, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Spain and in the UK. We work very hard to ensure that our camp provides the best possible experience for our campers.

We are very passionate about youth development and education, and believe that our camp has the perfect variety of sports, creativity, teamwork activities, awesome staff and camp spirit.

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Throughout my life I have had a great passion for working with children, through teaching, coaching sports and of course working at summer camps. I graduated from University with a BA HONS in Education and I am a qualified teacher with PGCE accreditation.


After working for many years in summer camps in America, Spain and Scotland as a Unit leader, Counsellor in training director and Sports Director I decided along with Kaysha to create our own camp and put our own spin on the wonderful world of camp.


I have also taught English around the world in Honduras, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Spain, which has given me the experience of working with children of different ability levels to create fun and exciting activities 😊 Outside of work, I love travelling the world to meet new people and learn new cultures. I am also passionate about sports and enjoy coaching or playing most sporting activities.




With over 4 years’ experience of teaching English in Ethiopia, Honduras, Sri Lanka and Spain and 4 years of working at international summer camps, I have developed many tools to support children and young people through their development.


I have always been passionate about working with young people to make a difference in their journey to success. My experience at camp pushed me out of my comfort zone, built my confidence and was truly unique.


This showed me that camp really does make a positive impact on those lucky enough to have this experience. It was this that motivated me to start my own Summer Camp and provide children from around the world with a place that is motivational, positive and encouraging. We want to have a camp where anything is possible.

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